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After a business career working and living in Italy the Netherlands, former West Germany and the UK, Peter now focuses on Natural History and History.

Peter has five grown up children and speaks five languages – four at the level of a five year old.

His love of languages was a driver to investigate the roots of the English language and the impact of invasions over the centuries, which is presented is an animated talk.

His interest in photography lead him to share many natural events happening throughout the year on his blog at www.sussexrambler.blogspot.com  

Over the years more and more nature reserves have been visited and species studied and photographed.  This has allowed The Natural Year talks to be greatly expanded and specialised into particular groups of species, as stand-alone talks namely:

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His talks are highly pictorial and benefit from the critique and advice of his partner, who is a former college lecturer.  Peter has a B.Sc. in Applied Biology.  He enjoys working with The Friends of Wolstonbury Hill in nature conservation under the direction of the National Trust rangers.

Sussex by the sea

Kittiwakes at Seaford Head are a joy to see.

Peter has lived in Sussex for 27 years.  

His talks have a bias towards Sussex and neighbouring counties.

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Peter Lovett

Heath Spotted-orchid