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The Natural Year in Focus looks at various plants, animals, insects and birds by month throughout the year.

In January to March migratory birds are seen on the beaches, harbours and canals  

In April, if you are very quiet, you may see grass snakes on warm days.  Mysterious Toothwort emerges and bee flies bask in a shaft of sunlight.

In May, English woodlands are glorious with Spring flowers.  In September a rare Brown Hairstreak lays eggs on Ranmore Common on the North Downs.  Insects are mating, although the damselflies above come to an unexpectedly violent end.  Sex & violence appear in these talks but only in the insect world.

June brings yet more colour with the beautiful Sainfoin and Butterfly orchids plus many many more native wild orchids.

In my talks, these photographs are annotated with the plant names, dates and locations for ease of understanding.

There is so much to delight in that my “Natural Year in Focus” is divided into two talks;